Learning through playing

Roya Kids encourages children to learn and explore through audio visual interactive content like puzzles, memory games, flashcards, concentration games, Audio e-books and music.

Rich library of arabic content

Roya Kids offers a huge collection of Arabic educational and entertaining content that is developed in themes: Alphabets, Colors and Shapes, Numbers, Animals, Health and Food, Time, Feelings, Environment, Professions, Human Body, Five Senses, Space, Geography and other themes.

Animation characters

Roya kids takes children on a virtual learning journey with animated characters that teaches them about Roya kids values of Friendship, Respect, Acceptance and Differences, Teamwork, Self confidence, Honesty, Love, and much more.

Roya Kids offers great and advanced features for both children and parents such as:

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Roya Kids believes our children learn through playing, our library features a great collection of fun educational content of music, ebooks, shows and games. Check them out!